Dr. Gregory J. Paplawsky


Veterinarian & Physical Rehabilitation Director

Education: Michigan State University

I grew up here in Grand Rapids in Alger Heights and attended City High School. My family always had cats and dogs, and usually a smaller creature of some sort. Before deciding to become a veterinarian, I thought I was destined to be the next center fielder for the Detroit Tigers just like my boyhood hero, Chet Lemon.

I attended Hope College in Holland for my undergraduate degree in biology. Go Dutch!!

I completed my veterinary degree at Michigan State University, graduating in 2001. I received many amazing opportunities, especially during my clinical rotations. Not only did I get to work at a production sheep farm in Kalamazoo, I also got to work with amazing clinicians from cardiology to dermatology to surgery and even clinical research in parasitology. It was an awesome experience, I discovered my love of orthopedics and the diversity of all a veterinarian can achieve.

After graduation, I was immediately hired as an associate veterinarian in a small animal clinic in Kalamazoo. I learned an invaluable amount while performing surgeries, taking emergency calls for the county, and implementing the things I had learned in school from my mentors Drs Heckamen and Baker. After working there for 6 years, I was hired at Cascade Hospital for Animals. I was drawn here because of their emphasis on practicing the quality of medicine I feel all pets should receive. Plus, much of my extended family lives in the area and with two young children it was time to be closer to family.

I am interested in continuing to expand my own knowledge and offering more treatment methods and recovery options for my patients. It is this drive that has helped me to become certified to perform stem cell therapy, and more recently to become certified in veterinary physical rehabilitation (the veterinary equivalent of physical therapy on the human side). I also have an interest in zoonotic disease, parasitology, dermatology and orthopedic surgery.

As a doctor, I love surgery and client interactions. I am happy to discuss details of treatment plans or just recommendations for better preventative care with people. I enjoy being able to make friends with the patients I encounter and provide them the best medical care possible. I like meeting new people and learning new and innovative ways to do things, as well as, sharing my experiences with others.

My wife, Allyson, and my two boys, Benjamin and Thomas, share our home with two very precocious cats named Reggie and Quincy. We also have a lanky standard poodle named Bernie and an incredibly hardy beta fish named Rainbow. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching Tiger baseball, working in the yard and slowly expanding the garden.

Cascade Hospital for Animals

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