Name: Lorial

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois


More about Lorial:

  • Prior to joining the Cascade team Lorial worked with the Asheville Parks and Recreation Services in North Carolina.
  • Of the five senses she would say that her sense of smell is the strongest.
  • She loves working with animals because they all have very distinct personalities.
  • Lorial enjoys hiking, crafts, painting, and cooking/baking.
  • She just moved to Michigan and is excited to see what the state has to offer.
  • The most unusual item that Lorial has eaten would have to be a cricket cookies.

Name: Mackenzie

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Spring Lake, Michigan


More about Mackenzie:

  • She has always had at least 3 pets while growing up and wanted to open a dog hotel when she was younger.
  • Some of Mackenzie's hobbies include roller derby and learning the Japanese language.
  • She has a Husky mix and a cat nicknamed "House Panther"
  • Mackenzie had lived in three major cities including the UK and is excited to see where her travels will take her next.
  • She is very passionate about preventative medicine, nutrition, and animal behavior.
  • The most unusual item that Mackenzie has eaten would have to be a Japanese candy that tasted like a gym sock!

Name: Anna

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan


More about Anna:

  • She has always had a passion for animals and wishes to become a veterinarian some day.
  • Anna's favorite family event is going to her Grandparents Condo with her entire family and playing at the beach.
  • She has a Labrador named Bozemen that loves to play and snuggle.
  • Anna is very excited to be able to work and play with the animals on a daily bases.

Name: Holly

Position: Groomer

Hometown: Lake Odessa, MI

Pets:  3 dogd (1 foster) and a cat

More about Holly

    • Before joining Cascade Hospital for Animals, Holly worked as a groomer
    • She enjoys dogsports such as dock diving, agility, nose work, and protection work.
    • Holly loves working with dogs, especially the GIANT breeds.
    • She is suprisingly good a swimming and used to teach swimming lessons and lifeguard.
    • Holly can be brutally honest, so if you don't want the answer dont' ask.