Name: Emma

Position: Groomer

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

More about Emma:

  • She enjoys training her dogs in agility. During a trial her dog even ran off to jump on the judge he was so excited.
  • Emma loves to draw using colored pencils, watercolors and etching.
  • In her spare time she enjoys a good hike with her dogs.
  • She has 5 dogs that all have very distinct personalities.
  • Emma is surprisingly good at artwork and drawing.

Name: Morgyn

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

More about Morgyn:

  • She loves helping animals and is always looking for ways to make them feel better.
  • Morgyn enjoys reading and listening to music.
  • She has a crazy cat named Atlas.
  • In her spare time she can be found baking and is really good at it.
  • Morgyn has never accused of as being graceful and if she had a warning label it would read "trips a lot".

Name: Marin

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Northville, Michigan

More about Marin:

  • She is a major animal lover with a passion for animal welfare.
  • Marin stays active by hiking and camping as well as trying to improve her vegan cooking.
  • She has completed her bachelor's degree in Zoology at MSU.
  • Currently she has 2 dogs Sam and Juno both are very spunky and loyal.
  • Prior to joining the Cascade team she worked at an animal rescue.

Name: Abby

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

More about Abby:

  • She has always had a deep passion for animals, spending a lot of time at the zoo and watching National Geographic.
  • Abby enjoys spending time with family and friends camping, hiking, traveling, and playing with her pets.
  • She has worked in the veterinary field for 2 years prior to joining our team.
  • Currently she has 4 pets (3 cats and 1 dog) who are very spunky and really love to cuddle.

Name: Laura

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown:  Livonia, Michigan

More about Laura:

  • Laura loves to help animals that are in need, especially with the increasing technology and knowledge available with regards to animal medicine.
  • She's currently a student at Grand Valley State University with goals to enter Michigan State's Veterinary Program.
  • During times when she is not working Laura can be found playing video games, hiking and puzzling.
  • Laura is very passionate about animal care and is very excited to join the Cascade team.
  • The very first concert that she attended was a "High School Musical" Concert.