Name: Alexis

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown: Sparta, Michigan

Pets: 3 dogs, cat, and a turtle

More about Alexis:

  • She has grown up around animals all her life and finds it amazing that they do not judge and can love unconditionally.
  • Alexis enjoys being active and spending time with her family and friends.
  • Her dog "Lilly" is a very spunky chihuahua.
  • Currently Alexis is going to school to become a dental hygienist.
  • Prior to joining the Cascade team Alexis was a shift manager at a local pizza joint.
  • A fun fact would be that her first concert was Justin Bieber.

Name: Chelsea Grimes, DVM

Position: Associate Veterinarian

Education: Michigan State University Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Pets:  Elliot (Maltese), Sawyer (Golden Retriever), Missy (Shih Tzu), Luna (cat) and Suki (cat)

More about Dr. Grimes

Dr. Chelsea Grimes originally hails from Metro Detroit. She is excited to be living and working on the west side of Michigan so she can explore the natural beauty and entertaining events that the greater Grand Rapids area has to offer.

She graduated "With Honors" and the highest GPA of her program at Michigan State University's Lyman Briggs College with a bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics. She then went on to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University graduating in 2013 with a DVM degree along with the classmates that she lead for four years as the class co-president. 
Dr. Grimes extended her veterinary knowledge with a rigorous, one year small animal rotating internship at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Fishers, Indiana. Here, Dr. Grimes completed rotations working alongside board certified veterinarians specializing in: neurology, oncology, emergency care, radiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery and internal medicine. Upon completion of her internship, Dr. Grimes returned to her home state of Michigan working as an associate veterinarian at both The Michigan Humane Society in Detroit and then later in at Madison Veterinary Hospital in Madison Heights. 
Outside of the hospital, Dr. Grimes enjoys snowboarding in the western mountains of the United States, boating/water sports, going to the beach, and reading. As a former gymnast and diver she also enjoys pilates and yoga exercises. 
Dr. Grimes is thrilled to be an associate veterinarian at Cascade Hospital for Animals where she has the opportunity to practice a high quality of medicine with a collaborative group of colleagues. She is looking forward to developing the trust of long term clients/patients and working with you to maintain the health of your cherished four legged companion(s) so that bond between owner and pet can continue to flourish!

Name: Trevor

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Ada, Michigan

Pets: Ruby (dog)

More about Trevor:

  • He has had many animals in his life since he was born and is very comfortable around them.
  • In his spare time Trevor can be found working out or playing video games.
  • Before coming to Cascade he worked at a local fast food restaurant.
  • Trevor is very excited to be able to work with animals on a daily bases.
  • When asked to describe himself as an animal it would have to be a sloth because of his love for sleep.
  • Trevor is very passionate about helping people overcome their sadness.

Name: Savannah

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Holland, Michigan

Pets: Alfie (dog)

More about Savannah:

  • She loves helping animals and being surrounded by people who love them too.
  • The strangest thing that Savannah has eaten would have to be a sour cream and onion flavored cricket...would not reccommend!
  • Before coming to Cascade she worked with Headin' Home pet rescue.
  • Savannah's favortie zoo animal is a giraffe and feeding them is amazing.
  • If she had a warning label it would read like this "If you invite me somewhere you are invinting my dog too."
  • The very first concert that she attended was a Hannah Montana & The Jonas Brothers show.

Name: Andrea

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Conrad, Montana

Pets: Rain (horse), Milo (cat), & many barn cats

More about Andrea:

  • As a child she would play in her barn with the cats. Creating a play room, reading, naming and giving each cat individual time.
  • In her spare time Andrea loves to spend time outdoors, running, hiking, and riding her horse.
  • Before coming to Cascade she worked in a multi-sport facility at the University of Mary, Bismarck, ND.
  • Andrea is currently pursuing a Psychology degree and enjoys reading materials pertaining to her area of study.
  • When asked to describe herself as an animal, a hedgehog would have to be it.
  • She is very passionate about animal and human well being.
  • Andrea is surprisingly good at organizing.