Name: Rachael

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Jenison, Michigan

More about Rachael:

  • Rachael loves to go hiking with her dog, take care of her houseplants, and binge read a good book.
  • Her love of biology has confirmed her interest in veterinary science.
  • She has a dog who is quite the trouble maker and a cat who is very calm and really enjoys her food!
  • Rachael is excited to join our veterinary team and looks forward to expanding her knowledge in animal sciences.
  • Some of her interests include singing, orchestral music, and color guard.

Name: Jeremy

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown:  Rochester, Michigan

More about Jeremy:

  • He has always had a desire to learn all he can about many kinds of animals. This desire has him pursuing veterinary medicine.
  • Jeremy stays active by working out, running, biking, exploring, in his down time he enjoys video games and concerts.
  • The very first concert he attended was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  • His cat Phoebe is very playful but has a sassy side to her.
  • At an Indian Restaurant Jeremy had the opportunity to eat goat. This would have to be the strangest thing he has ever eaten.

Name: Shelby

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

More about Shelby:

  • Her interest in animals began at a very young age. She grew up with horses and always had at least two dogs.
  • Shelby enjoys riding horses, jet-skis, and just hanging with friends and family in her spare time.
  • Prior to joining our team, Shelby worked in retail and has hours of experience in customer service.
  • A favorite holiday tradition is going to her grandparents house!

Name: Rieley

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown:  Middleville, Michigan

More about Rieley:

  • She is so excited to be working with us!
  • Animals can be goofy and make you smile. Being apart of a business surrounded by animals has happy energy.
  • Rieley can be found going to the dog park, watching movies, and doodling in her spare time.
  • Prior to working with us she worked with food as a sandwich artist.
  • Of the five sense she would say that her vision is outstanding, but her taste and smell not so much.

Name: Justine

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

More about Justine:

  • Fun fact: If she had a warning label it would read "Ear protection Required".
  • Justine's favorite holiday is Christmas. She enjoys opening presents and spending all day watching movies and eating sweets.
  • Some interest and hobbies that Justine enjoys doing outside of work include shopping, cooking , and going to concerts.
  • She has always loved animals a bit more than people and is fulfilling a dream by working with them.