Name: Maddie

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Middleville, Michigan

More about Maddie:

  • She loves to go shopping, paddle boarding, swimming, and going for walks or runs.
  • In her spare time Maddie enjoys puzzles and board games.
  • Before joining the Cascade team she was working at a pizza place.
  • Maddie is so excited to work with animals, as a child she would always pretend to be a veterinarian.
  • Her favorite holiday tradition is "hiding the pickle" a Christmas family event. All the kids play and the winner gets money!

Name: Katie

Position: Groomer

Hometown: Sparta, Michigan

More about Katie:

  • She loves being around dogs and is so excited to see the owners faces light up when their pet's all trimmed up.
  • In her spare time Katie loves to be with her family. Showing dogs, going on walks and picnics are among her favorite activities.
  • Katie enjoys music and cooking.
  • She currently has two dogs. Sayde a red nosed pittbull and Lorretta Lynn a Bernese Mountain dog.
  • Her favorite songs to sing on Karaoke night would have to be No Scrubs by TLC or Take me Home by Phil Collins.

Name: Hannah

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown: Wayland, Michigan

More about Hannah:

  • She has a huge passion for all animals and wants to help them have better lives.
  • In her spare time Hannah can be found hiking, playing ball with her dog, gardening and looking for bugs.
  • Before joining the Cascade team she was working as a mid-wife animal care giver.
  • Hannah was drawn to Cascade because of all the opportunities to grow and challenge herself.
  • Her favorite holiday tradition is getting together on Christmas with family and to watch the kids faces light up Christmas morning.

Name: Ashley

Position: Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Hometown: Martin, Michigan

More about Ashley:

  • She enjoys working with animals, especially the goofy ones that make people laugh.
  • In her spare time Ashley can be found outside. She especially enjoys being on the water.
  • Before joining the Cascade team she was working at another area veterinary clinic.
  • Ashley has one dog who is the silliest Husky that she has ever met.
  • The strangest thing that she has eaten would have to be a chocolate covered cricket and shockingly is was good.

Name: Hailey

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown: Hastings, Michigan

More about Hailey:

  • She has participated in 4H for over 8 years and enjoys being around animals.
  • Hailey currently has 3 horses, 2 cats and one dog.
  • She volunteers frequently for AKC dog shows.
  • Hailey is surprisingly good at training horses.
  • The very first concert that she attended was a Charlie Puth concert.