Name: Lia

Position: Client Care Supervisor

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Pets: 2 cats named "Squirrel" and "Spice"

More about Lia:

  • She has two very silly cats that love to poke her in the face every morning and race around the house at ridiculous times during the night.
  • Lia wants to help animals and people and felt that working at a veterinary hospital would allow her to do just that.
  • The perfect warning label for her would be "Turns off at 10pm".
  • If Lia was an animal she would be an otter. Fun, playful, and fierce when it is needed.
  • Some favorite movies of hers include "The Lord of the Rings" and anything Hobbit related.
  • Lia is surprisingly good at martial arts despite her small stature.
  • Before joining the team at Cascade Hospital for Animals, she worked as a teacher in Taiwan then at John Ball Zoo in memberships.