Name: Jenna

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Livermore, California

Pets: Lola (dog) and Stella (snake)

More about Jenna:

  • She grew up loving animals of all shapes and sizes.
  • As a child Jenna would put snails on the handlebars of her bike so that they could feel what it was like to be fast.
  • Jenna spends her spare time with Lola, a Pittbull Terrier Mix, at the dog park or on the trails around Grand Rapids.
  • She enjoys trying new and exciting recipes for home cooked meals.
  • If she had to choose what animal best describes herself it would be a tiger.
  • Stella her 7 year old Ball Python is shy but extremely friendly and loves hanging on objects and wrapping around people.
  • Before joining the team at Cascade Hospital for Animals, she worked in the restaurant industry.