Name: Maddie

Position: Veterinary Assistant


Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Pet: Charlie (cat), Emery (dog)

More about Maddie

  • Maddie's family have been clients of Cascade for her entire life and she has always admired and looked up to Dr. McBride, she is truly excited to become a part of the team.
  • Charlie her cat is a very stoic, a hunter, and determined to out live her family with his 16+ years.
  • Her dog Emery is a Golden Retriever that once carried the title of service dog for Paws and now has become a part of their breeding program.
  • Maddie enjoys horse back riding and rode competitively during her time at Michigan State University.
  • In her spare time she can be found reading and currently is attempting to get through the Game of Thrones novels, should the Author finish writing them!
  • Maddie is an assistant 4-H leader for a horse club and loves to spend time around horses.
  • Her favorite zoo animal is the bush dog, but appreciates all apex predators.
  • She has dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and continues to pursue that dream while being a part of the Cascade team!