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Name: NikkiNikki1

Position: Licensed Veterinary Technician

Education: Bachelors of Science in Veterinary Technology from Michigan State Univeristy

Hometown: Jenison, MI

Pet: "Disney" a 4 year old Golden Retriever

More about Nikki

  • Her favorite holiday tradition is playing volleyball with her extended family on Labor Day
  • The longest she has gone without sleep was for 3 days, as she had to finish a giant puzzle
  • A recent goal Nikki recently achieved was running in the Grand Rapids Marathon
  • The three items she would take on a deserted island is her dog Disney, a clicker and mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • A skill she is surprisingly good at is being able to ignore a barking dog - years of dog training has helped with this
  • The most unusual thing she has ever eaten is a cow tongue taco
  • Nikki's favorite part about working at Cascade Hospital for Animals is that no two days are ever the same.
  • Outside of work, Nikki enjoys running, crafting, and raising future assistance puppies for Paws with a Cause.Nikki2