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Cascade Hospital for Animals

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Name: Kelli

Position: Groomer

Hometown: Wyoming, MI

Pets:  I have several pets; 5 cats, 6 guinea pigs and a hedgehog.

More about Kelli

  • Prior to working at Cascade Hospital for Animals, Kelli worked as a groomer for 3 years.
  • Her favorite part about her job is making animals look their best, and helping to educate clients about the best way to help take care of their pet between grooming appointments.
  • Kelli's favorite zoo animal is the monkey.  She enjoys watching them climb and jump between trees.
  • Growing up Kelli always knew she wanted to work with animals, so working at Cascade Hospital for Animals was a perfect fit.
  • The longest amount of time Kelli has ever gone without sleep is a full day.  She was in college and was studying most of the night and had classes all day.
  • Her strongest sense would be her hearing.
  • Kelli enjoys reading books a variety of authors when she has some free time.