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Cascade Hospital for Animals

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Name: Lacey

Position: Animal Care Technician - Team Leader

Education: Bachelors in Photography

Hometown: Almont, MI

Pet: Dogs: "Brandy" a Presa Canario; "Porter" a Presa Canario Cats: "Milo", "Fredrick", "Peanut" and "Africa"

More about Lacey

  • Lacey has been with Cascade Hospital for Animals since 2012
  • She enjoys spending times outdoors and taking photographs.
  • The one thing she cannot go a day without, aside from necessities would be coffee.
  • Her favorite class in school was art.
  • Her favorite author is J.K. Rowling
  • Lacey's favorite movies are anything in the 80's movie genre
  • Her favorites animals at the zoo are the tigers.