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Name: Katy

Position: Veterinary Assistant - Client Experience SupervisorKaty2


Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Pet: I have a Standard Poodle/Golden Retriever Mix named Molly. I adopted her when she was 10 months old. She is now 7 years old and still a goofball! She is a Therapy Dog and is awesome at her job!

More about Katy

  •  Katy has been in the veterinary field for 18 years, 16 of which have been at Cascade Hospital for Animals
  • When she was asked what persuaded her to work at Cascade she had this funny story " mom had always taught me that the little things are very important. I walked into CHFA, saw the beautiful fish tank and how well it was taken care of. I knew then that this was the place for me! Turns out my mom was right...aren't they always, though?"
  • Her warning label would read "Watch Out!  Gets angry if not fed regularly!"
  • Katy's favorite holiday tradition is getting to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. They're always pajamas that we sleep in that night and hang out in on Christmas Day :)
  • Of the five senses, smell would be her strongest...which can be unfortunate in this profession.
  • The first concert she went to was "Barenaked Ladies"
  • The song she would sing at karaoke night is "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips