Dr. Nicholas Vito recently joined the staff at Cascade Hospital for Animals. A desire to help animals initially inspired Dr. Vito to become a veterinarian, but it’s his connection with people that makes his job most meaningful. “While practicing at the same location for six years, I had an opportunity to develop many lasting relationships,” he says. “And it was always that relationship piece that I valued most in my job. People invite you into an important aspect of their lives, and I strive to build upon the trust they put into me during every moment of every visit.” He’s excited to bring his knowledge, experience, and caring approach to the CHFA family!

Growing up on the east side of Michigan, Dr. Vito was very close to his Beagle, Sydney, who taught him about the depth of the human-animal bond. “He was my best buddy.” Dr. Vito worked for a local veterinarian throughout high school, and expanded his interest in animals by working and living on Michigan State University’s dairy farm during his undergraduate years. “3 a.m. farm calls on February mornings prior to class was by far the most difficult part of that job,” he said. “But I really enjoyed working with cattle and learning about agriculture, and it was a great learning experience that still benefits me in my profession today.”

Today, he and his wife dote on their adopted French Bulldog, Gaia. In his spare time, Dr. Vito loves spending time outdoors: going to the beach, hiking, and visiting his family’s northern Michigan cabin. One of his favorite activities is hunting for morel mushrooms in the spring. “I just like to be out in the woods after being cooped up all winter. It’s a time of year when everything around you is returning to life. The forests are getting greener, the sun is starting to shine a little more, and everything around you is just beginning to reemerge in an exciting way. It’s like a scavenger hunt in the woods.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Vito or any of our talented vets, call 616-949-0960 or visit our Patient Portal.