Feline Boarding Form

Completing this form prior to your arrival will permit us to spend additional time reviewing your current concerns as the history will already have been completed. *For the safety of your pet, our staff, and our other patients, please bring your pet in a carrier. We do have carriers for sale if you do not have one of your own.* Please note: Completion of this form is not an automatic reservation. We will reply to confirm availability; please call our office (616-949-0690) two hours after you have completed the form if we have not yet replied.

Client Name
Pet Information
Standard Boarding Services Provided:

We will feed our dry food or feed your provided food at no additional cost

***If your pet runs out of the food you provided while boarding: If it is a food CHFA stocks, we will open a new bag/can(s) and invoice accordingly. If it is not a food CHFA stocks, we will feed your pet our standard boarding food at no additional cost

Optional Packages & Services:
Authorization of Non Life-Threatening Treatment: