Effective January 3, 2023, we are no longer offering boarding services. 

What prompted the decision to discontinue boarding services?

We came to this decision after months-long deliberation and with great reluctance. In order to attract and retain talented and passionate team members in this challenging labor market, we need to offer a competitive working environment. Boarding services required us to ask staff to work or be on call on Sundays, and since we compete for talent with practices that are not open on weekends, this made it more difficult to attract and keep good veterinarians. First and foremost we are a veterinary hospital, and that means we need to have the very best veterinary staff we can.

On the bright side, with daycare returning in September, we will soon offer supervised indoor and outdoor play Monday through Friday. With the COVID puppies who have been home so long with their owners, we have seen a need for the socialization daycare provides, especially as their owners head back to work. When dogs come home from daycare, they’re also better behaved, having exerted a lot of energy during the day. That leads to better interactions with people and other dogs. We’re excited to be able to bring daycare back after two years.


Dogs love staying at Cascade Hospital for Animals! We provide them everything they need for a healthy and happy stay, including close supervision by our health care team. We have a large indoor facility for the dogs and a variety of different sized housing options based on the size of your pet. Every dog is exercised at least three times daily in a fenced-in walking area. Our pet care assistants provide regular one-on-one attention to each pet to make them feel comfortable and happy during their stay, whether it's in the form of extra scratches and belly rubs or daily hand feeding.

Pet care assistants monitor all boarding animals' appetites and urination/bowel movements, and will alert a staff veterinarian if they notice any problems. We feed Science Diet during your dog's stay (you may bring your pet's food if they are on a special diet; other varieties of food may be purchased from our office). Medications, if needed, will be administered per your instructions (please bring in the original container). We also provide a medical boarding option for pets that have extra requirements. All kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Requirements for boarding dogs

  • Rabies vaccine
  • Distemper/Parvo vaccine
  • Bordetella vaccine
  • Canine influenze vaccine
  • Negative fecal test (winthin the last 6 months)

Packages & services for dogs

  • Group play opportunities
  • Fur-get Me Not—Receive a photo and update of your dog via text message or email!
  • Grooming
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim
  • Anal gland expression
  • Rawhide treats available for purchase


Boarding Rates

All Dogs $36.00/night
Clean-Up Bath (required for more than a one-night stay) $16.75 

Additional Services

Stay and Play Daycare $14.75/day 
Nail Trim $17.00 
Fur-Get Me Not $3.50
Brush-Out (per 15-minute session) $17.00
Anal Gland Expression $32.45
Extra Stretch Your Legs Walk $6.00/day