• Have a question or concern about your dog or cat, but don't have time to schedule an appointment at the veterinary hospital?
  • Have a sick or injured pet after business hours and need to speak to a veterinarian?
  • Is it difficult to get your pet into the hospital?

If so, you might want to try our telemedicine option. Available now on a limited trial basis, we are offering a telemedicine option for established clients of Cascade Hospital for Animals or Breton Village Animal Clinic. Using a smart phone or tablet, you can communicate with a veterinarian and show him or her your pet and its problem.

Schedule a Telemedicine Consultation

In order for us to legally be able to offer you a telemedicine consultation, your pet must have been seen by a veterinarian at Cascade Hospital for Animals or Breton Village Animal Clinic within the past year.

We are now available by text and video via the Medici app; download the app by selecting the image above and enter the activation code STJ7H6BXOL at registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)