Name: Dr. Victoria Hekman

Position: Associate Veterinarian


Pets:  "Edison" ("Eddie") a 4 year old pitbull who somehow manages to be both lazy and energetic

More about Dr. Hekman

  • Dr. Hekman has professional interests with acupuncture, pain management, and emergency critical care medicine.
  • Her favorite family tradition is the Easter egg-cracking contest
  • Outside of work you will find Dr. Hekman reading, practicing yoga, gardening, playing the piano and either taking "Eddie" for a walk or a swim.
  • The one thing she could not go a day without would be coffee (or "Eddie" snuggles)
  • Her strongest sense would be her hearing.
  • The most unusual thing she has ever eaten was haggis at a street fair
  • Her favorite subject in school was science, especially biology.