Jennae R.

Jennae R.

Name: Jennae

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets: Sadie (Yellow Lab), Crookshanx (Black cat), and Boss (Goldfish)

More about Jennae:

  • She is surprisingly good at puzzles, the more pieces the better.
  • Jennae loves to travel, is inspired by mountains and would some day hope to travel to New Zealand.
  • Her favorite family tradition is eating a "massive" Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Prior to working at Cascade Hospital for Animals, Jennae worked in agriculture.
  • Her dream job as a child would have been a roller coaster test rider.
  • Jennae can not go a day without her water bottle.
  • The longest that she has gone without sleep was 24 hours during a create-a-thon competition for PR campaigns.