Kaeli D.

Kaeli D.

Name: Kaeli 

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets: Bitsy, Orange Julius, and Smokey 

More about Kaeli:

  • Kaeli has had animals since she was a kid and cannot imagine her life without a fur baby of some kind. She currently has three pets: Bitsy the dog, Orange Julius the cat, and Smokey the cat. 
  • Outside of work, she enjoys video games (especially The Legend of Zelda), reading, journaling, travel, and going for walks through state parks. 
  • Kaeli's mother volunteers at an avian wildlife rescue in Florida and is one of her biggest inspirations when it comes to caring for animals. 
  • One of her cats, Orange Julius, is a "big orange baby" that Kaeli's mother found when he was just a kitten. He has the sweetest, sassiest personality and always greets people at the door when they arrive.