Effective May 28,  2021, Breton Village Animal Clinic and Cascade Hospital for Animals will no longer provide medical care for exotic animals. Dr. Ritzman has written the letter below to her clients and other exotic animal owners seeking care for their pets:

A letter from Dr. Ritzman:

Not all veterinarians have the training and equipment to care for avian, reptile, and other exotic small animals. This means that choosing a veterinarian to care for your exotic pet is a big decision and can often involve a bit of research.

This list includes veterinary hospitals who may see exotic pets. None of these clinics have board-certified veterinarians for exotics, but they may have veterinarians available who are familiar with how to handle and treat these patients. It is recommended you call and ask specifically which species are accepted when scheduling.

I recommend Milwood Animal Hospital in Portage, Michigan, because they have significant experience treating exotic pets and often referred patients to Dr. Ritzman for care.

I do not have an informed opinion of the level of care and experience available at the other listed locations.