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Change in Policy for our boarding and daycare guests:

As the “bed bug epidemic” takes hold in America, Cascade Hospital for Animals is taking precautions to prevent an infestation occurring within our walls for the comfort of our guests. As of Wednesday December 8, 2010 we will no longer accept bedding, blankets, towels or plush toys for our boarding guests, with no exceptions.

Why does my pet’s bedding matter?

Bed bugs can infest your pet’s bedding just like they can infest your bedding. If this happens, do not apply pesticides to your pet’s bed. Instead, call a professional exterminator with bed bug experience to eradicate the pests in a fashion that will be safe for all household inhabitants.

Is my pet the reason I may have bed bugs in my home?

If you’re worried about bed bugs, remember that humans, not pets, spread them. They travel in luggage. A number of online resources offer tips on bed bug prevention (Google “bed bug prevention”), but remember that bed bugs still are quite rare in American hotels. They are more common in developing countries.

What complications arise from bed bugs?

Bed bugs, unlike fleas, do not infest their hosts. They live in and around bedding. They feed on their victims and then retire. Humans, cats, and dogs can be bitten by the parasites, but none of us carry them on our bodies. Bed bugs cause itching, and an irritation can develop at the bite site. If the infestation is heavy enough then anemia could be present, but in most cases it is just irritation from the sleep disturbance and the uncomfortable, itchy bites, which may exacerbate allergies in dogs and cats.

How can I tell if I have bed bugs?

There are no specific diagnostic tests unless the client identifies them in the pet’s bedding. A careful history may lead the veterinarian to ask about bed bugs, particularly if the client also mentions being bitten. Some clients will mistake the bed bugs for ticks although they do not stay attached to the dog or the person as ticks do.

My home is clean, why can’t you accept my pet’s bedding and plush toys?

Bed bugs are not a sign of a dirty home. They are usually transferred via luggage from travelers and can lie dormant in the home for up to 18 months. By not accepting your pet’s bedding and plush toys, we are not only protecting our other guests, we are also protecting you and your pet by denying a means of transfer for bedbugs to your home.


  • Lee B.
    Blue Bear had an awesome time while we were on vacation. Over the years, this is the only place I have trusted to board our dogs. This is especially true now because he has lymphoma and requires monitoring and medication

    - Lee B.

  • Harold C.
    We boarded our high maintenance, allergyladen lab @ CHFA, and we knew we could enjoy our vacation without a single worry. We also put him in the Crate Escape so his vacation would be as fun as ours.

    - Harold C.

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