Owners of exotic pets throughout the Midwest have traveled to Cascade Hospital for Animals to benefit from the expertise of Dr. Tracey Ritzman, a board-certified specialist by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in avian and exotic companion mammal medicine and surgery -- the only dual board-certified veterinarian in these two specialties in the state of Michigan. Appointments available at the Cascade location only.


  • Sarah K.
    I drive 3 hours from Indiana for my birds to see Dr. Ritzman. I have had parrots for more than 21 years and pet ducks, and Dr. Ritzman's level of expertise is unmatched.

    - Sarah K.

  • Steven F.
    Our Double Yellowhead Amazon required care much above a normal checkup. Dr. Ritzman is one of a very few avian care specialists in the upper Midwest who has both the training and expertise to provide the level of care our Amazon required.

    - Steven F.

  • Melissa S.
    I brought my hedgehog, Eleanor Rigby, in for an exam because she was not eating, drinking or running on her wheel. Dr Ritzman found an abscess on her tongue and prescribed treatment. Ellie is now eating, drinking and wheeling every night.

    - Melissa S.

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