Emily H.

Emily H.



Name: EmilyEmily1

Position: Licensed Veterinary Nurse, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant

Education: Bachelors of Science from Aquinas College, Bachelor of Veterinary Technology from Michigan State University, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant from Canine Rehabilitation Institute, Certified in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care 

Pets:  "Rue" a special needs 6 year old Bullmastiff, "Myrtle" a 11 year old Malayan Box Turtle, and "Hashbrown" a five year old chicken.

More about Emily:

  • Emily enjoys reading, especially fantasy books with zombies, magic, and vampires.
  • She also enjoys movies and has a knack for movie trivia.
  • Emily enjoys kayaking and being outdoors.
  • Her family is very active, and in her free time she is very busing with her daughters' swim and water polo meets. 
  • Her dog Rue (shown below) was born deaf. Emily communicates with her via sign language! 
  • Emily recently finished her certification for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care in August 2022 (shown below). She is very excited to have this certification, as it will work nicely with the senior pets she sees in rehab.  
  •  62240901397 EF74D2D7 A834 4C9D 8E96 204F7DFDD3CAEmily2.jpg IMG 4691
  • Emily performing laser therapy on Dr.Paplawskys' dog, Bernie. She has been certified as a canine rehabilitation veterinary nurse since 2014.  
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