Lisa H.

Name: Lisa

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Pets: 5 cats "Trippie"-age 14, "Ensley"-age 12, "Lupin"- age 10, "Nova"-age10; 4 dogs "Cozzie"- age 15, "Lucky"- age 14, "Junie"- age 10, "Harlan"- age 2

More about Lisa:

  • Lisa has been with Cascade Hospital for Animals since 2010
  • The most enjoyable part of her job is watching the boarding dogs reunite with their families after a long stay.
  • Growing up she wanted to become a veterinarian.
  • Her favorite subject in school was biology.
  • Her strongest sense would be smell
  • The one thing she could not go a day without would be going outside.
  • The song she would sing at karaoke night would be "There is no Arizona" by Jamie O'Neal