Cait W.

Cait W.

Name: Cait

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets:  Luna & Sol (dogs)

More about Cait

  • Outside of work she enjoys a good video game.
  • Cait loves animals and has always wanted to work with them. Her mother is a veterinary technician and has always had pets in the home.
  • In her spare time if the weather is nice she loves to take her fur babies for long walks.
  • Cait's favorite family tradition is on the winter solstice, where her family makes food ornaments for the wildlife to enjoy throughout the winter.
  • She is fascinated with the Harry Potter series, making J.K. Rowling her favorite author.
  • Cait is proud to say that she was able to experience the Millennium Tour by the Backstreet Boys.