Mak M.

Mak M.


Name: Mak

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown: East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets: Stella the Pitbull mix and Josie the Rat Terrier

More about Mak:

  • She is passionate about dog training with an interest in obedience as well as behavioral modification. She worked as a Kennel Assistant while in high school and loved it! 
  • Outside of work, Makayla enjoys getting tattoos, reading poetry, listening to music, and dog training with Stella. 
  • Her dog Stella is 5 and has been owned my Makayla since 2019 after being picked up as a stray at the animal shelter. She loves obedience and trick training, is excitable by other dogs, and loves blankets! Her dog Josie is 14 and is very spunky despite her old age! 
  • Makayla loves vacationing to Vermont in the summer and fall to go hiking. 

                                                 Her dogs, Stell and Josie:                                                   

  • IMG 83416A06797B-82BE-400A-9A48-0158009EB76E.jpeg