Cassie O.

Name: Cassie

Position: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hometown:  Coopersville, Michigan

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Nursing, Michigan State University 

More about Cassie: 

  • Cassie currently has two pets: Mac the cat and Terry the corn snake. Mac is four years old and loves to cuddle, in addition eating pepperoni off of pizza. Cassie got Terry about one year ago and says that he likes spending his days in his hide. 
  • Outside of work, she enjoys reading, spending time outside, traveling, and cheering on MSU sports! 
  • While Cassie grew up on a farm and was always around animals, it wasn't until college that she found her passion in veterinary medicine. She specifically likes exotic medicine, and loves to learn new things every time she works with a new species. 
  • He favorite TV show is a tie between New Girl and The Office!