Protect Your Pet from Ticks

Ticks that starved all winter in West Michigan began to swarm throughout woods in early March during our warm spell in search of hosts. One dog owner in Lowell Township discovered this attached tick on his pet after taking a stroll through his wooded yard last month.

Here are three simple and effective measures to protect your dog or cat from ticks and tick-transmitted diseases:

  • Check fur after your pet has been in the woods. Ticks lie in wait on weeds and low lying brush for an opportunity to hitchhike on your pet’s fur.
  • Use a good tick control product such as Bravecto (oral chew that protects up to 12 weeks) or Effitix (once a month topical);
  • Vaccinate your pet for Lyme’s disease, which is a known risk in West Michigan.

If you do find a tick, you can remove it carefully with tweezers. Here’s a good video on the process: tick removal.
If the tick won’t dislodge or the site of the bite is infected, give us a call (616) 949-0960. The treatment is straightforward and soothing for your pet.