Dr. Longcore

Dr. Longcore

Name: Grace Longcore, DVM

Position: Associate Veterinarian

Education: Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine

Hometown: Belmont, MI

Pets: None yet, but lots of cows on her family's farm! 

More about Dr. Longcore

  • Dr. Longcore has always loved animals, but her interest in veterinary medicine really took hold after her parents surprised her with a pet goat named "Spud" when she was 10! 
  • Outside of work, she spends much of her time working with her amazing husband on the Longcore family's farm. She also maintains a love-hate relationship with running, as it is something her mom, sisters, and she will commonly do when they are together. 
  • Right now, the only pets that she has are the many cows she cares for on the farm. One in particular, named Abigail, she helped raise as a bottle-fed calf. Abigail is now the friendliest cow on the farm! 
  • Dr. Longcore loves her family more than anything. She has a wonderful husband, amazing parents, and three sisters that are all incredible. 

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