Dory poses with Composure Pro, a chewable supplement that helps with anxiety.

Composure Pro: A supplement that helps with anxiety

Anyone with an anxious pet can attest that the experience can be an ordeal for the entire family. Whether it’s car rides, being around strangers, trips to the vet, or loud noises like fireworks or thunder, certain everyday experiences can be debilitating for some pets. We always recommend you work closely with your veterinarian to find the best solution to address the particular stressors in your pet’s life. One possible solution that has shown to help is a nonprescription supplement called Composure Pro.

Many ways to make a difference

composure pro dr mincksAt CHFA, veterinarian and behavioral consultant Dr. Holly Mincks evaluates pets with behavior issues, including those stemming from anxiety. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to anxiety, because every pet and situation is unique,” says Dr. Mincks. “Pets respond to medications and supplements in different ways, and we see the best results when we use a combination of methods to find a solution.”

A non-prescription supplement in chewable or liquid form, Composure Pro contains a blend of natural ingredients that are known to have calming effects on pets. L-Theanine, Thiamine, and Colostrum Calming Complex have relaxing properties that can help reduce anxiety levels in pets, promoting a natural sense of calmness before an anxiety-inducing event. 

“I advise Composure Pro for pets that we don’t want to medicate, or can’t medicate due to other health reasons,” says Dr. Mincks. “It can also be used as a daily supplement if the pet is already on anxiety medication to get the results we are looking for. Because it’s a supplement, there are few side effects, and most dogs and cats like the taste, so it’s easy to give.”

Avoiding stress for everyonecomposure pro package

The stress caused by anxiety can lead to destructive behavior, aggression, excessive barking, and other issues that create challenges for the entire household. Your pet having a sense of security is important not just for him, but for the whole family. 

“Composure Pro is my favorite supplement because I have seen it work in many pets over the years,” says Dr. Mincks. “Having a pet with anxiety is stressful and frustrating, and Composure helps relieve our pet’s stress so we can relax too.”

While Composure Pro can be helpful for many pets with anxiety, according to Dr. Mincks, it may not be the standalone solution, especially for severe cases. Professional training, changes to routine, or prescription medication may be necessary. Always consult with your veterinarian about the best options available for addressing your pet’s anxiety.


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