Sara F.

Sara F.

Name: Sara

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI


More about Sara:

  • Sara joined Cascade after being a client.  She had a pet that was sick, so was in often, and one day asked if we were hiring.  She filled out an application and received a telephone call later on that day for an interview.
  • Proof that she is good at what she does, is that clients remember Sara's name and request to talk with her.  She really enjoys the relationships she has built with the clients.
  • Her favorite interests are art history and photography.
  • Sara's favorite zoo animals are cheetahs and zebras
  • Growing up she wanted to be a paleontologist.
  • The three things she would take with her on a deserted island would be her dog, a real swill army knife, and a blank journal with a pen.
  • Her favorite author is Frank Miller
  • The longest she has gone without sleep was two and a half days as she was traveling and catching flights across multiple time zones.
Britney H.

Brittney H.

Name: Brittney

Position:  Groomer

Hometown: White Cloud, MI

Pets: Domestic short-haired cat: Essie, Yellow lab-x: Marshall Lee, AmStaff-x: Linden

More about Brittney:

  • Brittney loves making her furry clients look and feel their best. She genuinely feels that she makes a difference in their lives, and that brings her so much joy.