Zoe M.

Zoe M.

Name: Zoe

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Ada, Michigan

Pets:  1.5 year old bicolored German Shepherd 

More about Zoe:

  • She excited to begin working at Cascade just to be able to be around animals.
  • This is Zoe's fist job coming out of high school.
  • Her favorite zoo animal to watch are the bears.
  • Growing up Zoe had always wanted to be a pig farmer.
  • The very first concert that she attended was Francesca Battistelli.
  • Sight would have to be the strongest of all her senses.
Tiffany W.

Tiffany W.

Name: Tiffany

Position: Pet Care Supervisor 

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets: 1 dog, 2 cats, guinea pig, & a crested gecko

  • Tiffany has 10 years of experince working with animals.
  • She loves working closely with animals and creating special bonds with them when they come in for boarding.
  • A lesson that she has learned from her mom is to "Do what makes you happy".
  • When Tiffany is not working, she likes to spend time with her animals, go hiking, read, and watch baseball. 
Katelyn T.

Katelyn T.

Name: Katelyn

Position: Veterinary Assistant Supervisor 

Hometown: Grosse Ile, Michigan

Pet: Gemma & Leo (dogs), Destiny & Tommy (horses)

More about Katelyn

  • Katelyn has always loved animals. She began riding horses at the age of 4 and would hang out at the end of her driveway for a chance to pet the neighbors dogs.
  • Showing horses, going hiking, camping, kayaking and trying different micro breweries are some hobbies and interests of hers.
  • Her favorite part about her job is being a part of the Cascade Team. It feels like family!
  • She couldn't go a day without cuddling with her pets.
  • One of Katelyn's favorite family traditions is Polish Wigilia on Christmas Eve.
  • She enjoyed Biology in school.
Heather H.

Heather H.

Name: Heather

Position: Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Hometown: Hastings, Michigan

Pets: Cinnamon, Sophie, Snickers, Fiona,Trudy, & Ruby

More about Heather:

  • She has been working in the Veterinary field for the last 10 years.
  • All of her pets have been rescued or found in dire situations.
  • Before coming to Cascade she worked at another veterinary facility.