Sky Y.

Name: Sky

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Education: B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets: Benny, Bailey, and Max

More about Sky:

  • Outsie of work, Sky enjoys crocheting, cooking new meals, and gardening! 
  • She was inspired to pursue a position at our practices after her family had come to CHFA in the past. She was able to shadow one of our veterinarians and enjoyed the staff and personalized care. 
  • Benny, her three-year-old cat, is her baby boy. She says that he is trouble, but knows he can get away with it because he is so cute. Her other three-year-old cat, Bailey, has vitiligo. Her fourteen-year-old dog, Max, is her childhood pet and the "best old man." 

Allison M.

Name: Allison 

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Education: B.S. in Biology from Hope College

Hometown: Byron Center, Michigan

More about Allison:

  • Allison has always loved working with animals. She's been working with dogs specifically for five years, and jokes that she's only been knocked to the floor once! 
  • Outside of work, she enjoys reading and spending time with friends. 
  • She enjoys vacationing anywhere warm with a beach! 
  • Her favorite TV show is Psych and her favorite books are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 

Sydney J.

Name: Sydney

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Education: B.S. in Biology (Emphasis in Zoology) from Northern Michigan University 

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Pets: Tate (Great Pyrenees / Siberian Husky mix)

More about Sydney:

  • Sydney has always loved helping animals! Her interest began to become more serious during middle school when she raised bunny rabbits. She was able to not only learn about the animals, but also learned from them, which accelerated her passion for animal care. Her love for rabbits was long-lasting, and she even kept a Mini Lop named "Billie" through her college years. 
  • Outside of work, her hobbies include weightlifting, reading deep-dives on various topics, and listening to music. 
  • Tate, her three-year-old dog, was found through an accidental breeding on a farm near her. He is her pride and joy (when he's not being a menace). His favorite toy is broccoli-shaped and has a face on it - she says he is currently on his third one! 
  • Sydney's favorite movie is The Batman (2022) and while she listens to just about every type of music, her favorite artists are Lana Del Rey and Nirvana. 
  • Tate.jpegSydney_and_Paige.jpeg

Anika B.

Name: Anika

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets: 2 dogs named Finn and Lola, 3 cats named Toby, Scooter, and Craige 

More about Anika:

  • Anika states that adopting her rescue dog, Finn, changed her life. He was abandoned on the side of the road and had been through 3 shelters before she found him. They are now working on his training, and she says that he is a very good boy! 
  • She was inspired to pursue a position at our hospital by her love for learning and passion for working with dogs. 
  • In her free time, Anika enjoys going to live shows, shooting photography, and visiting the lake with her dogs. She would like to get more experience with K9 training and dog photography in the near future!