Caitlin W.

Caitlin W.

Name: Caitlin

Position: Pet Care Assistant

Hometown: Jenison, Michigan

Pets:  Kipper (cat)

More about Caitlin

  • She would love to travel to Europe or Australia someday, as well as go hiking out West.
  • Caitlin has always wanted to be a doctor when she grew up and has decided to study anesthesiology.
  • In her spare time she enjoys camping, exploring downtown, hanging at the beach, or visiting new places.
  • The styles of "that 70's show".... bell bottom jeans, overalls, and turtlenecks need to make their comeback!
  • Caitlin is exited to work with the animals and hopes to have fun stories to share with her room mate who also works with animals.
  • She worked in the banking industry prior to joining the Cascade team.
  • Caitlin is currently going through school at Penn Foster to become an LVT. 
Nerondia V.

Nerondia V.

Name: Nerondia

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets:  Medusa (Red Tail Boa), Nezario the pomeranian, and Haze the cat

More about Nerondia

  • She loves working with animals and is extremely excited to be joining the Cascade team.
  • Nerondia enjoys spending time on nature walks, during which she spends time cleaning up the trash that others have left behind.
  • When asked to describe herself as an animal it would be a cat, because they are mysterious and independent.
  • "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" the newest version is Nerondia's favorite movie.
  • Nerondia has always had a love for all sorts of animals and finds the distinct personalities they can have fascinating.
Cayden B.

Cayden B.

Name: Cayden

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown: Flint, Michigan

Pets: Rosaline

More about Cayden:

  • Outside of work Cayden spends most of her time planning her next baking adventure.
  • She enjoys long walks with her one year old shepherd mix Rosaline.
  • Before coming to Cascade she worked as a coffee barista.
  • Cayden is constantly reading to the point of annoyance to others.
  • When asked to describe herself as an animal it would be a manatee, because she is a vegan and wants to float around peacefully.
  • The longest that Cayden has gone without sleep was in college on a road trip waiting for a Denny's to open... about 32 hours!
  • The very first concert the she went to was Barbara Streisand.