Emma K.

Emma K.

Name: Emma

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, Michigan

More about Emma:

  • She was an intern at the Potter Park Zoo and during that experience was able to work with rhinos.
  • Emma's interests outside of work include reading and she used to dance competitively.
  • Her favorite family tradition is to visit the family cabin over the Christmas Holiday.
  • Emma currently has a dog named Reina, an Australian Cattle Dog, she is a very sweet old lady.
Natali P.

Dr. Godfrey

Name: Maia Godfrey, DVM

Position: Associate Veterinarian 

Education: University of South Florida, Bachelor of Science (2010) & University of Florida, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2014)

Hometown: Seminole, FL 

Pets: Cats - Kuno, Lux, Harrow | Dogs - Raina and Tali 

More about Dr. Godfrey:

  • Dr. Godfrey has always had a passion for dentistry and diagnostic imaging. She started her career as a vet in Florida, but grew up in her father's veterinary practice. 
  • She has always loved storytelling in all of it's forms - from the screen, to the page, to the gaming table of Dungeons and Dragons! She also has a love for language, history, and games.
  • Dr. Godfrey was inspired to pursue a position at Cascade Hospital for Animals by our clear commitment to excellence in patient care, latest medical knowledge, and long history in the community. 
  •  Dr. Godfrey has three cats and 2 dogs. Kuno, a 15 year old black cat, is a "distinguished gentleman". Dr. Godfrey and her wife have had him since college! Lux, a 12-year-old orange tabby cat, was adopted by her from a friend in vet school. Harrow, a 2-year-old black and white cat, is a "mistress of chaos" found as a little baby and adopted from her old job. Raina, a 12-year-old mixed breed dog, is a "quiet and stubborn old lady". Tali, a 4-year-old pitt/boxer mix, is an "anxious knucklehead" adopted from a local shelter in Florida. 
  • Her favorite spots to vacation are Maine, the South West, Asheville NC, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
  • Dr. Godfrey's favorite books are Gideon the Ninth and The Stormlight Archive. Her favorite movies are The Prestige and The Man from Earth. Her favorite TV shows are Sense 8, Elementary, and The Owl House. Her favorite types of music are Punk, Alternative, and Classical! 

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Michelle K.

Name: Michelle

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Novi, Michigan

More about Michelle:

  • Rescuing cats from bad situations is what ultimately drove her to find a career in the veterinary field.
  • Michelle loves to see older pets rejuvenated by laser and rehab therapies.
  • Prior to joining our team she worked at an area sandwich shop.
  • Michelle enjoys hiking, anything Harry Potter, reading, painting, and all sorts of art projects.
  • Her first concert was the Jonas Brothers.
Briana A.

Briana A.

Name: Briana

Position: Veterinary Assistant & Pet Care Assistant

Hometown:  Freeport, Michigan

More about Briana:

  • Animals have been her passion her entire life and she has always wanted to be an advocate for their rights.
  • Briana would love to travel doing wildlife conservation work.
  • Interests outside of work would include reading, playing video games, music-playing instruments and listening to.
  • If asked to sing on a Karaoke night she would pick anything Disney!
  • Briana is very talented and can play a clarinet, ukulele, saxophone, piano and guitar.