Candice S.

Name: Candice

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown:  Fresno, California

More about Candice:

  • Candice likes to hang outside camping, kayaking, gardening, and hiking.
  • Food is something that Candice is very passionate about.
  • Currently she has 3 pets Momo and Charles both are mellow sweethearts, while Ollie is  very smart and energetic.
Doug M.

Name: Doug

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Hometown:  Tawas City, Michigan

More about Doug:

  • Outside of work Doug enjoys the guitar, music, board sports, hiking, camping, and cooking.
  • Prior to joining our team he was working a seasonal job in Mount Pleasant for the parks and rec services.
  • Doug has a special needs rescue pup that he is very passionate about.
  • Some good mom advice that he tries to follow consistently is "Make good choices".
Chris D.

Name: Chris

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown:  Wyoming, Michigan

More about Chris:

  • He would love to rescue every stray cat that he meets... instead he tries to help the ones he can anyway possible.
  • Some interest and hobbies that Chris enjoys outside of work would include camping, gardening and reading.
  • He has always been interested in a career with animals and is excited to see where it will take him.
Chelsea D.

Name: Chelsea

Position: Client Care Assistant

Hometown:  Northport, Michigan

More about Chelsea:

  • She has always wanted to rescue animals from natural disasters.
  • Prior to joining our team Chelsea worked at an animal shelter in a very small town in Montana.
  • Chelsea's favorite place is on the beach with her nose in a book.
  • Some of her family holiday traditions include playing board games, Apples to Apples tournaments with cocktails.
  • If she were to have a warning label it would read "Do not walk slowly in front of me!".