Tori B.

Name: Tori

Position: Licensed Veterinary Technician

Education: Baker College

Hometown: Ada, Michigan

More about Tori:

  • Outside of work, Victoria likes to play disc golf and go fishing! 
  • She enjoys taking walks and spending time with friends in her spare time. 
  • She was inspired to pursue a position at Cascade Hospital for Animals by her passion for strengthening the human-animal bond. 
Anna P.

Name: Anna

Position: Pet Care Assistant 

Hometown: East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pets: Mia, 2-year-old French Bulldog 

More about Anna:

  • Anna is passionate about animal behavior. Her dog, who has received extensive training for behavior problems at home, has inspired her interest in working with animals and giving the community expertise and high quality care. 
  • Outside of work, Anna owns small sewing business that she started during the pandemic. She also enjoys coaching field hockey. 
  • Anna loves working with children and aspires to educate them around animals, especially dog behavior. 
  • She was inspired to pursue a position at Cascade Hospital for Animals by her dog, as well as by the hospital's well-known reputation in the community.
  • Mia, Anna's dog, loves being silly and is known for being sassy, having zoomies, and playing with real veggies. 
  • Anna loves sewing, anything crafty, and helping others. One achievement that she is proud of is giving her dog, Mia, the skills and training she needs to thrive!
  • Her favorite places to vacation are up north and snowboarding in Colorado. 
  • Her favorite TV show is Wanted, one of her favorite movies is Wonder Woman, and her favorite music is everything that gives a meaningful message. 

IMG 2513anna petko bio image

Alannah P.

Name: Alannah

Position: Veterinary Assistant 

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Pets: Nova, 3-year-old cat

More about Alannah: 

  • Alannah has a soft spot for cats and likes fostering kittens for the Kent County Animal Shelter.
  • Her cat, Nova, is very sassy. She is vocal and loves any and all attention. 
  • Outside of work, Alannah likes to cook, bake, and spend time with her friends and family. 
  • She likes to vacation anywhere on the beach! 
Regina H.

Name: Regina

Position: Groomer

Hometown: Wyoming, Michigan

Pets: Raspberry and Sterling 

More about Regina:

  • As an animal lover, Regina always knew that she wanted to work with pets. She is also very interested in art, so ultimately was drawn to grooming. 
  • Outside of work, she enjoys quilting/sewing, yoga, and hiking or doing anything outside. 
  • Her dog, Raspberry, is 7-years-old and is "Miss Sassy Butt." Her dog, Sterling, is 5-years-old and is the happiest man, who is just excited to be around. 
  • Her favorite vacation spot is Chicago, and her favorite TV show is New Girl