Ashley E.

Name: Ashley 

Position: Pet Care Assistant & Client Care Assistant 

Hometown: Watervliet, Michigan

Pets: Bailey and Willow 

More about Ashley:

  • Ashley has always had a love for animals! Growing up, her mom never wanted a dog, but when Ashley turned 17 her mom got a baby Yorkie named Barker. Ever since Barker came into her life, she was fascinated. When Ashley moved out and got married, the only thing she wanted to complete her family was a dog. 
  • Outside of work, Ashley enjoys canvas painting, trail riding, watching movies, and hanging out with family. 
  • Ashley's favorite show is Big Brother, which she grew up watching with her sister. 
  • Ashley's pet named Bailey is 1 year and 11 months old and is spunky, playful, loving, and very smart! Her pet named Willow is 1 year and 5 months old and loves to scratch, play with Bailey, and sit on the counters. She is a cuddler and loves food! 
Erica E.

Erica E.

Name: Erica

Position: Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Hometown: Owensboro, KY 

Pets: Juno, Walter, and Nora 

More about Erica:

  • Erica's dog, Juno, was rescued from a sinkhole 2 years ago. Juno loves snacks and naps most of the day. She has a bright pink tail and loves meeting new people!
  • One day, she would love to have a small farm with bees, goats, sheep and other animals. 
  • Her favorite vacation spot has been the U.S. Virgin Islands.      
Marissa B.

Marissa B.

Name: Marissa

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Education: Bachelor of Science from Aquinas College

Pets: Luna, Milo, Ozzy, Bowie, Jake, and Pippen

Hometown:  Waterford, Michigan

More about Marissa:

  • The first concert she ever went to was a Maroon 5 concert. 
  • Before working at Cascade Hospital for Animals, Marissa worked as a kennel assistant at a dog daycare and boarding facility.
  • Her hobbies outside of work include singing, songwriting, piano, and poetry. 
Aly C.

Aly C.

Name: Alyssa

Position: Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Education: Bachelors from Michigan State University

Pets: Sabina and Chip 

Hometown:  Paw Paw, Michigan

More about Alyssa:

  • Her pets, Sabrina and Chip, were both adopted from CAHS while she was attending Michigan State University. They are sassy, playful cuddle bugs that enjoy any outside time. 
  • Outside of work, Alyssa loves any outdoor activity and spending quality time with her family. 
  • Professionally, Alyssa is most passionate about making every dog she meets wag their tail so she knows they are as happy to see her as she is them!